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Annual Service

Performing an annual spring service on your boat is the best way to ensure a season of trouble-free operation when under way with family and friends.


    Impeller Replacement
    Engine Oil and Filter Change
    Drive Oil Change
    Belt and Hose Inspection
    Trailer Tire Air Pressure Check


    Drive removal and inspection of U joints and bellows

Winter Storage Service

While most think that a winter service is for areas of the county that have freezing conditions ours is for other reasons.

The first is to remove and inspect the Drive. We look for leaks that may have occurred during the summer months through the bellows. Should the bellows have a leak, the water inside the drive would be left to sit over the winter months and cause rust on the driveshaft and U joint assembly. This can lead to other costly repairs down the road. We do this as a preventive maintenance item while changing the drive oil and realigning the drive to the transom during reinstallation.

The second item addressed is the winterizing of the fuel. Gasoline loses octane as it is stored. High performance motors require top grade fuel so the last thing you want is low octane fuel running through your engine when you run it the following season. We treat the fuel in the tank and run it through the entire fuel system, including the injectors or carburetors, to ensure total fuel octane stability.

Drive Service

While most drives do not require additional service beyond our Winter or Annual Service, certain high performance drives do. This includes Mercury Racing Dry Sump Six Drives. We can competently service these units to factory specifications to keep the gear case properly maintained for high horsepower use.

Other Services

Barrett Custom Marine offers a variety of other preventative maintenance services that can be tailored to your boat’s specific motor and drive type. Please contact us for a complete explanation and recommendation of what is best for your boat when considering a service.


Barrett Custom Marine is equipped to handle virtually any repair your boat may require. We are experts at rigging new boats, upgrading old ones or handling the removal and reinstallation of engines and drives.


We offer rebuild service on most popular drives. We can rebuild a complete unit or just the upper or lower gear case as required. Many times a drive repair is unexpected. We stock the necessary parts to get you back on the water as quickly as possible.


We do not rebuild engines as we leave that to the most reputable builders in the industry including Mercury, Teague Custom Marine and Ilmor. We can remove your engine and ship it to one of these builders for a rebuild or we can install one of their new crate motors into your boat. We work closely with these builders and understand how to rig their motors for trouble-free operation with a warranty.


There are many accessory items that need attention every so often. From a gauge or sending unit replacement to a GPS or Sea Strainer installation, Barrett Custom Marine can do it all.

Factory Warranty Repairs

Barrett Custom Marine is a factory authorized repair center for many boat and engine manufacturers including Ilmor and Teague Custom Marine. Owners that have their boat or engine still under factory warranty may opt to have us handle the warranty repair rather than transporting it back to the manufacturer. Please note that all factory warranty work must be authorized by the manufacturer prior to the repair at Barrett Custom Marine.