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BCM is an authorized warranty center for DCB, Formula, Illmor, Marine Tech, Master Craft, Mercury, Teague, Tres Martin and more!

Certified Repair Specialist

Maintaining your boat is key for long term savings. BCM specialists in annual services and repairs.

Engine Rebuilds

BCM can bring your engine back to life with a complete rebuild, making your boat run like new once again!


About Barrett Custom Marine

Barrett Custom Marine is located in the heart of Lake Havasu City, AZ. Our professionally experienced staff is here to service all of your high performance boat needs setting a new standard in the marine industry.

We take pride in our service and commitment to customer satisfaction. We offer a wide variety of services including: annual service, winter boat service, drive service, repairs, factory warranty repairs, drives, motors and more.

Our team is here to service you beyond the call and ready to assist you with all of your specialized needs. Give us a call at (928) 453-6645 to see for yourself or fill out the buy non prescription viagra online and one of our team members will contact you as soon as possible!




Barrett Custom Marine did a great job with the service and repairs of my boat. I would not take my boat anywhere else. Boat runs great and my wife and I are always happy! I highly recommend AJ; he’s reliable and dependable which is not easy to find in Lake Havasu!

Matt Hunter

I have been taking my boat to AJ and his team for years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. AJ is a man of his word. He is honest and has never let us down. I can’t think of one time that I called AJ’s phone number and didn’t get an answer.

Tim Dellens

For many years “AJ” at Barrett Custom Marine has been the only mechanic to touch our ILMOR- powered Daytona. His passion for immaculate service and his dedication to customer satisfaction is truly setting a new standard in the boating industry.

John and Sarah Fairris

Proud Service Center For